Club Membership

Welcome to Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club! If you would like to join our club you can pay with PayPal or credit card. We will then approve you to see and use our web site. Some of the information you will be able to see as a member are what trails are being groomed, Club news letter Club rides and events. Benefits of joining the club include:

* Cooperative enjoyment in club activities, rides and play days.
* Assistance through club membership in formalizing legislation for snowmobiles.
* Learning new areas to ride and familiarity with areas through joint rides.
* Strength in state organization through local club organization and input.
* Opportunity to gain knowledge of snowmobiling through club meetings speakers.
* Obtaining a feeling of "Belonging" of common bond experience.
* Meet new people and make new friends.
* Promote and understand safe snowmobiling.
* To protect and preserve the rights and freedoms to enjoy the sport of snowmobiling.
* To help preserve and promote our natural resources.
* Assist in search and rescue missions.
* The ability to enjoy snowmobiling activities as a family and at a price reasonable for doing so.
* Helping to provide groomed trails.
* Helping to discourage bad snowmobiling practices.
* Promote sanitation and non-littering in all areas used for snowmobiling.
* Serve as a catalyst in service to state and federal agencies in providing new snowmobiling trails
and parking facilities.
* Calendar of events for yearly activities.
* Club membership brings recognition to the member from both state and federal agencies
and prestige in that recognition.

Joining the Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club also makes you a member of the Oregon State Snowmobile Association. Of your $55 dues, $35 goes to OSSA and $20 goes to MJSC.
You can join Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club by clicking the link here.
If you would prefer to pay by check, you can download and print a membership application here  and mail it with a check to us.