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Pre-Season Check List- Things You Should Know

(archival from the Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club Forum)

Well the season drawing closer and falls approaching, it’s time to start checking out our snowmobiles to ensure proper operation. Check with your operators manual for special instructions regarding adjustments, lubrication, follow all safety suggestions. Fall is a good time for maintenance, you can take your time to ensure you covered everything. Once the snow starts to fly you’ll be ready to go. Below is a simple check list to look over prior to riding.

  1. BRAKES Check proper setting, free operation, and look for worn brakes.

  2. CLUTCH Check lubrication

  3. CHAIN Check lubrication and examine chain tension

  4. TRACK Examine for broken cleats, loose or torn drive holes, and ply separation. Check alignment.

  5. SKIS Check alignment and examine for loose weld joints, or loose or worn out wear rods.

  6. IGNITION Check sparks plugs, carburetor-fuel, replacement of fuel filter and check fittings.

  7. DRIVE BELT Check for wear and cracks. Measure old belt and compare to specifications.

  8. LIGHTS Replace burned out bulbs, apply brakes and check stoplights.

  9. SPARE PARTS/TOOLS Pack lights bulbs, spare belt, tools (pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdrivers) and starter pull rope.

  10. WHEELS Check wheel condition and lubrication, axel wheels and bearings. Look for loose nuts and bolts, broken welds and springs.

  11. Don’t forget your trailer Make sure the tires are in good shape (check the spare also), and wheel bearings are greased. Check all the lights and connections. Carry a few extra bulbs and parts to be safe.

  12. Take your owners manual, emergency survival kit, siphon hose, duck tape, tow rope, extra bogie wheel.

Then get out there and RIDE!!!

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