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Ride Rating System

At Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club (MJSC), SAFETY is our #1 priority. We have developed a four level ride rating system to help you match your skill set with our club rides so everyone has a great time. Please gauge your ability against our ride descriptions.

Contact the ride coordinator or a board member for more information on any scheduled club ride. MJSC looks forward to conducting these rides for your enjoyment. Recognizing your level of ability and signing up for the appropriate rides will insure your enjoyment and safety.

All participants on MJSC sponsored rides are required to:

  • wear approved helmets and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions,

  • hold a valid driver’s license or

  • have taken and completed a snowmobile safety class (with certificate).

MJSC and other clubs in the state offer snowmobile safety classes. Check the MJSC website for information about local classes and the Oregon State Snowmobile Association website for statewide classes.

MJSC reserves the right to change, alter, postpone or cancel any ride. Weather conditions change rapidly. Heavy snowfall in a short time can change an easy ride into a much more difficult outing or sudden warm ups or rain can turn well groomed trails into a snowmobiler’s nightmare. While our grooming chairman and his team of volunteers do an outstanding job, grooming equipment breakdowns may also alter scheduled rides. All rides are weather/snow permitting.

The MJSC website ( has up-to-date information on rides, weather, trail conditions and grooming schedules.

  • Beginning: Beginning rides are for individuals and families with little or no snowmobiling experience. They are a great way to introduce the sport of snowmobiling. These rides are on groomed trails, at a slower pace, an appropriate distance with scheduled stops to ensure everyone’s comfort and fun. The ride coordinator will be able to handle problems that arise during these rides. MJSC highly recommends a parent accompany any riders under 16 on a beginning ride.

  • Intermediate: Intermediate rides are for riders with sufficient experience to prepare them for moderate speeds and longer distances. Many riders fall into the intermediate category. An intermediate rider on a new or unfamiliar machine could temporarily move back into the beginner category. While a majority of the ride may be on groomed trails, some level, off-trail, open play areas may be on route. All intermediate riders should understand how their snowmobile handles varied terrain and how to safely operate their machine.

  • Expert: Expert riders have many years of experience in all terrain and conditions. These rides include off trail riding in treed, unlevel terrain. Being proficient in the art of "side hilling” and hill climbing are required. All riders on expert level club sponsored rides are expected to help others in the event of any problem. Getting yourself stuck and helping others get unstuck is likely. Expert riders carry additional supplies, fuel and parts. Riders must be prepared for many types of situations. If you are not positive you are an expert snowmobiler, you’re probably NOT!

  • Extreme: Few snowmobilers qualify for extreme level rides. This level is for the best of the best. High horsepower machines with longer tracks are a must. All riders are required to carry avalanche beacons, shovels, extra fuel as well as basic first aid materials. Many extreme riders also carry GPS equipment to track their location. Riding in remote and dangerous conditions are the norm. While these rides may sound exciting, mistakes made on extreme rides can have severe consequences. Do not attend an extreme ride unless you have the equipment, ability and experience to do so.

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