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Youth Snowmobile Safety Instructor: Maria Sammons

Maria Sammons (503) 569-5552

When parents contact me about a class I tell them to have their kids do the following snowmobile tutorial prior to class:

  • Student will complete the online Utah Snowmobile Safety Course tutorial first at the following link:   

  • Once they open the link go straight to the study guide tab (near the register & login tabs),

  • no need to register (do not pay the fee).

  • Also skip Unit 6 which covers Utah Laws. Once the tutorial is completed, contact instructor for a class date for certification.


Below is a bit more information that can be used:


Oregon Snowmobile law: ORS 821.150 drivers license or permit required.

Class D fine up to $250


We can certify kids 16 and under without a driver’s license.

ORS 821.160Snowmobile operator permit (1)

A snowmobile operator permit authorizes a person who does not have a driver license to operate a snowmobile without violation of ORS 821.150 (Operation of snowmobile without driving privileges).

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